Clash of Clans Private Server

Clash of Clans looks like to be the latest “madness” in the industry of strategy games for mobile for both iOS and Android platforms. The game concept from the Supercell (also the creators of Hay Day and Beach Boom) it is one of the most amazing stories in the strategy games field, with great incomes and millions of players. Even it is not an original idea, Clash of Clans combines the single-player mode directly with an experience of a very competitive multiplayer experience. Read more information about the Clash of Clans private server down below.

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Clash of Clans Private Server

The base concept is very simple: you build better buildings, you instruct very well your troop and you attack your enemy. Basically, Clash of Clans urges his players to attack each other with the most amazing characters from barbarians to gnomes and from wizards to very angry dragons. Even if the game has a series of single-player challenges, rewarding the players with a generous quantity of gold and elixir, the multiplayer campaigns are the heart of the game. You can play Clash of Clans on the official server or if you want to have better challenges and a new fresh start you can play on a clash of clans private server. After a few won battles, probably, you will be addicted to the game like the rest of us.

How to play the Clash of Clans Private Server

Even if you play on a private or a public server you start the game managing a small village which you have to protect with the help from the archers, cannons, and others defense units that become accessible during the game. Using the function “tap and drag” you can move any object in the game. A positive feature of the game is the constant feeling of the progress. During the time pass, you can upgrade your buildings, resource collectors, and all the defending system. You will see, as you will slowly upgrade the troops and the buildings, you will need an additional income of gold and elixir.
Spend the gold, elixir, and the stones carefully. Don’t waste them, even the stones, because you will find them during the game in small quantities. On private server of Clash of Clans Private Server you will find the stones, gold, and elixir in bigger quantities and often than on a public server. Use the stones to build huts for builders. This huts will help you to upgrade your defending systems. You are tempted to use them quickly but don’t do this, you will need them during the game.

Protect your base

Go to the store on “Defense” section and take the elements to protect your base. The best protection units are the walls and the mortars. The bigger the walls are the better is the protection, so you can upgrade quickly to level 3.
At the beginning of the game, depends on what clash of clans private server you are playing on, you will have limited resources, so build your walls around the most important buildings like the base and the gold and elixir deposits. Instead to build your walls around all of your buildings better you place two rows of walls around the most important buildings.
Don’t forget, the defense is the best attack! Build a powerful base to protect yourself from the attackers. It is a nice feeling to see how your enemies try to attack your base and they don’t succeed. Focus your base in a small area, and place your buildings behind the walls.
Use the traps every time you have the occasion. The traps can make serious injuries to the enemy troops, so it worth to upgrade them every time you can. Place them in hidden places where the players will not have any clue. In the end, you can aspire to other defending systems like archers towers and anti-aircraft systems. Depending on the CoC server you choose, private or public, you will have at the beginning of the game different defending systems.

Attack without any fear

Attack every time it is possible. There is no disadvantage and you can obtain valuable items and trophies. It is much easier to steal the resources from others instead of mining them, and of course, it is more fun.
Before you attack, check how much gold enemy have. If it doesn’t have any gold don’t loose your time. Usually, the well-defended bases have more gold, but you can risk and attack other bases too. When you place an attack send the troops directly to the storage resources areas. Even if your troops are destroyed during the attack, the gold that you managed to steal will remain yours. Of course, you will get more resources if you destroy your enemy base. On private servers it is easier to find bases full of gold, but this depends on your luck too.
In the end, build a laboratory. The laboratory permits you to upgrade your troops, such that you will obtain more attacking power and you can cause bigger damages. Also, you can obtain better troops like archers and goblins or even wizards.
Clash of Clans is an easy game, but this simplicity makes it so special and fascinating. It passed the time test, and after 3 years from the launch, it still has a big and devoted community with players that build big and elaborate bases in hope they will be invincible.

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